Chairman's Message

Dr Yousef Al-Zalzalah


Demand for energy is set to continue expanding in line with growth in the world’s population and the developing economies, and oil and gas is expected to maintain its leading position in meeting growing energy needs around the globe. This will translate into significant supply requirements from both the upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors.

PetroLink was established to take advantage of these growing energy demands while enhancing the economic development of the countries in which we operate. Our vision is to become a leading energy company, both locally and globally.

The Company intends to exploit lucrative opportunities in oil and gas and alternative sources of energy. We will accomplish this through multiple channels, including acquisitions, taking equity positions, joint ventures, and by participating in green-field projects. Our primary goal is to generate capital gains and achieve superior returns for our investors. To this end, PetroLink is implementing an aggressive strategy which will make it a leading energy investment company with a core focus on the exploration and production of oil and gas.

PetroLink has made several exceptional deals in the past two years and we are very proud of our achievements to date. Our motto – link to future energy – reflects our vision and we will make sure that this vision is achieved through our positive contribution to a sustainable energy future for this region and the world.